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About Missouri For All

Our mission is to break down barriers to civic participation and advance community interests through nonpartisan cooperation.

Our vision is a compassionately connected state where Missourians of all backgrounds can define and achieve their shared dream for a better future.


Missouri For All was founded days after the 2016 election with one question: What if we worked in between elections to actually fix the problems we see in Missouri? Missourians from all over the state responded, and we travelled to meet with them. From Caruthersville to Clinton, we found Missourians ready to get to work but needing just a few tools to take the next step.

Missouri For All started out as a nonpartisan effort to build community, break down the barriers to civic participation, and help Missourians advocate for their own interests. That's who we still are today. We are dedicated to serving our shared community. We are committed to amplifying your voice and supporting your vision. We bring a commitment to transparency and to ensuring a space for all voices.

We are here to help build a better Missouri for all.

Your Team

Jessica Lambrecht is an advocate and social worker with a commitment to community voice. She has worked in youth development, mental health, and criminal justice and has been an advocate for the people of Missouri for over a decade. Jessica believes that civic engagement is vital for the health of our state. She seeks to integrate multiple approaches, ideas, and models for civic engagement. 

Ted Floros is a team-oriented problem solver with a passion for using technology, data tools, and patient listening to support and energize the remarkable work happening everyday within our communities. Ted has used his training in public health to help several Missouri service organizations fulfill their missions. He firmly believes in the power of collaboration to create transformational change. 

Fredrick Doss is a political, legislative advocacy, and public relations consultant based in St. Louis. Previously, he worked in the Missouri General Assembly for as a Legislative Director. Fredrick has managed multiple political campaigns in Missouri and developed trainings to help Missourians access their representatives. He strongly believes our government should be open, accountable, and accessible to all.

Your Team

Sheela Lal is an advocate and business professional born in mid-Missouri and currently attends University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. Sheela has worked for the Center for American Progress, the Missouri House, Progress Missouri, and the National Bureau of Asian Research, and is a Fulbright Scholar. She has worked to ensure government transparency. She has been involved with mid-Missouri politics and campaigns in some form since 2008. 


Elad Gross has served the people of Missouri for over 10 years. He is a constitutional attorney who has been involved in community-led projects throughout Missouri. He previously served as an Assistant Attorney General of Missouri. In 2008, he founded the Education Exchange Corps, a nonprofit organization active in St. Louis City that teaches children the power they have to lead.

Hadrosaur, Missouri's State Dinosaur

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