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Missourians should be able to advocate their interests to policymakers. 

Missouri For All provides Citizen Lobbyist Trainings to equip participants with the technical knowledge and skills necessary to effectively approach their elected decision-makers and obtain support for a policy solution or community initiative.

The purpose of our advocacy trainings is to demystify the policymaking process and make it accessible to all Missourians, not just professionals. 

We offer trainings for people of all ages, from seniors organizing to improve health care and transportation services to students asking for better school lunches. 

In addition to our trainings, we also provide our online Resource Library with written guides to help Missourians hold better meetings, work together, and advocate for their interests. 

When Missourians are ready to take the next step and turn their training into action, we can help. And for those groups needing to brainstorm and build community, we offer our Community Empowerment Workshops too.


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